Richard Geslot


3D developer
richard.geslot (at)


My 3D game: Theolith


A 3D game that I have developed alone with C++ and DirectX.


Full Presentation here:








Strong points of development:



-          Advanced Shaders techniques: use of Deferred rendering:






-          3D animation system that manage MDX and M3 format (models of Warcraft III and Starcraft II)



Professional experience




AMD (since 2011) :


Make a fluid simulation and its rendering for the APU processor:



o   C++

o   OpenCL

o   OpenGL

o   Tessellation

o   Pixel, Vertex and Geometry Shader

o   Advanced particle system

o   Real-time ray tracing

o   Fluid simulation using SPH (Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics)

o   Parallel Computing

o   3D maths skills




SERIOUS FACTORY (internship 2010):

Help the studio to learn the multiplatform game development tool: Unity 3D.

Technology used in Unity 3D:

o   JavaScript

o   C#

o   Networking

o   Physics

o   Terrain

o   Shadow & Light

o   Particles




EVERSIM (internship 2009):

Improve 3D engine. Technology used:

o   C++

o   Visual Studio

o   DirectX

o   SVN



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